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Posted on: June 11, 2009 11:10 pm
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Game of the General

Inside the heart of every grown-up man is a young boy,dreaming about fast cars, G.I. Joe, and a grueling life in the army.Of course, that daydream would not be complete without a toy gun.

With a gun in hand, young boys can indulge in role-playing: they can be policemen,military veterans fighting for their country, and even FBI agents trying  to crack an important case. Whatever the scenario,guns sure help trigger any young boy's imagination.
Eventually though,all these Peter Pans grow up.They become lawyers,businessmen,politicians,doctors,and architects.But for some ,these childhood dreams never let up.Once or twice a week ,these grown-up kids trade their suits and ties for that of goggles and protective gear,and they transform into their childhood selves while playing airsoft.

A weapon of Fun, Not Destruction

Airsoft is a game popularized in Japan around the 70's, which soon spread to China, Taiwan, and Korea. Because owning firearms is prohibited in these countries, airsoft guns look a lot like the real thing. The difference can be found in its ammunition and power. Instead of bullets, airsoft guns use pellets. There are three types of airsoft guns: gas, spring, or electric.

Airsoft guns do not have the power or the capacity to be weapons of mass destruction, but it is still nonetheless a mighty weapon. When used wrecklessly, airsoft guns can seriously injure a person. If players don't wear proper protection, such as face mask and goggles, they can get hurt or even go blind. This is why marshals of the game, or the organizers have a lot of responsibilty. Besides, airsoft is meant as a fun sport. " It is all about camaraderie and bonding."
Airsoft is not just about holding a gun and shooting randomly. Like other sports, airsoft has rules and regulations which make it more interesting. Per gamethere are specific objectives and unlike other sports though, there is simply no classifying a good airsoft player from a bad one. The scenarios change, and the players are rotated. One's teammate now could possibly be an opposing player next. Because of this constant mix, players have to be flexible. "It is really about how you play, how honest you are, or how much of a gentleman you are when playing."

Just what binds these airsoft players together are basically the love for guns and the adrenaline rush when playing. There is also this inclination,even if it is a small percentage to join the armed forces. Military men or not, these airsoft players just never let go of their childhood dreams.

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