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Posted on: May 14, 2009 1:52 am
Edited on: May 18, 2009 10:18 am

Chuck Daly.The Man they called Daddy Rich

 As i  had watched the Detroit Pistons at an early age being seated at the Madison Square Garden with my dearly departed father,in the early '80s just the same time as my interest in the NBA was peaking,.
I found myself watching the game, i just thought i would just be seating with my father eating my popcorn and afterwards buy my toy truck,but as the crowd raucously welcomed the Bad Boys.i became extremely curious on what was the commotion was all about.

Then my father told me this will be a good game to watch.
So trusting him i turned on watching the hardcourt and stop munching on my buttered popcorn.that really was one of the most memorable games that i saw in my life.
The team is full of players that no one loves and really when people and even fans of the other teams would boo or shout expletives at them.But they seem to be unperturb of everything that is going on.
But they would listen only to a man standing at the sidelines his arms crossed and yelling on top of his lung on the player that was walking toward him . and then when a time out was called i started ravaging on my popcorn and dr.pepper but again something caught my eye.

 The man with the suit all neat and clean arguing with a man twice his size and i really can't hear them but i was sure they are really trying their best to really make their point. i never saw a man with so much conviction, that was the start of me as a young lad fancied watching the Bad Boys era.

I would never associate any coach with the Pistons other than Chuck Daly with all the accolades.
He would still be as pessimistic of losing and thinking they are not good enough.
He was an innovator. 
A teacher
A  person that i feel would not last long with that bunch of misfits if he did not believe he is strong enough to be a part of them.
Any lesser coach would just quit and move on, not Chuck Daly he stick with them even if sometimes they lose games a lot.\
He would always be back in the sidelines plotting his next move.
I know it would be a hard sell on some people that to consider the prince of pessimism as the greatest coach in the NBA but surely he was a great guy and the NBA would not be the same without his colorful personality just like the team coached in the '80s and '90s. 
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