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Posted on: May 20, 2009 2:26 am
Edited on: June 1, 2009 5:26 am

The Man from Manila

The title may be inaccurate in a way but,as said by my colleague, it does not matter where you are but where your heart is at.
And believe it or not that is the best description i can define Manny Pacquiao.He has a heart of a lion and a determination that is unheard of.
He single handedly put boxing back to its glory days in a way.All  his pundits are in awe with him.
I am not an expert or i am not a fan that would kill for Manny Pacquiao,i am just an average joe who has followed his rise from the top.I try my best to be as skeptic about his chances in the ring in every fight. 
I saw him fight as most all his fans had been doing and each and every time he had proven me wrong which is a good thing he made the pro boxing world in the public's eye smell like roses again.
Without all the politics and cheatings of it. Manny Pacquiao has always come on top above everything he had faced may it be on top of the canvass or below of it.
I would not put every fight i saw him fight but i saw him fight i think it is somewhere in an earlier part of his career when he has only one hand and speed as his main weapon and fought in an open field full of people clamoring to see their idol toy with a russian bantamweight.Which he just run over with, rushed head on with no regard and set up his punch by a simple right and left combo that put the poor opponent down with no much a single knowledge what had hit him.
While it is now in the present the name of a Puerto Rican "Miguel Cotto" appears to be the frontliner in the race to land a megabuck fight with Manny Pacquiao
The Filipino pound for pound king wants the fight that not only commands more money but the respect of the boxing world as well.
Pacquiao has been penciled to return to the ring on October 17 against a foe yet to be named and in a venue yet to be determined by Top Rank.
Head Honcho Bob Arum is reportedly more inclined to get it on with Floyd Mayweather Jr. than Miguel Cotto.which is a surprise to hear when his boxer is to fight Joshua Clottey next month. 
Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the fighter regarded as the best pound for pound untils his supposed premature retirement in 2008 and that mythical title was passed on to Manny Pacquiao afterwards following a sensation a string of sensational wins.

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